Best tweet…Worst tweet re: Kris Dunn news Wednesday

Adrian Wojnarowski reported Kris Dunn’s return to PC yesterday (4/22) afternoon:Dunn wojnarowski

A Woj is the most dialed-in insider in the history of insiders…so this news is pretty much official but the PC athletic dept quickly dampened the mood with their tweet…leading to the BEST tweet on the Kris Dunn news coming from @friarblog :

dunn friarblog 2

Literally laughed out loud at that one.  The beauty was in the timing and delivery.  After a furious flurry of celebratory tweets the PC athletics tweet caused a 30 second twitter-pause while we all read/processed the info.  Then, after the seemingly long pause comes the simple “wut” from friarblog.  Not “what?”…that wouldn’t have captured the correct reaction of stunned disappointment with mouth hanging open. Perfect.

Conversely, we’ve got this PC student in the cafeteria contradicting Wojnarowski:dunn reaction worst tweetOh…well then. Forget that Woj has every basketball executive, coach & player on speed-dial…this kid got the REAL scoop while in line for a second helping of american chop-suey.  (and what’s w/ the twitter handle, guy?)

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