Q&A with Robert Churchwell, Georgetown early 90’s

Big East Hoops 24/7 recently caught up with Robert Churchwell, a key piece of those stacked Georgetown teams in the early 90’s.

robert churchwell


BEH 24/7: What have you been up to since your playing days at Georgetown?

Robert: I played professionally for 8 years after graduation. In the old CBA, NBA in ’96 and overseas in England, Japan, France & Germany. I am currently a High School Health/PE Teacher and Head Basketball Coach in Richmond, VA.


BEH 24/7: Are you able to appreciate all of your accomplishments looking back after all of these years?

Robert: Yes I am…always would like to have accomplished more but I put in all I had to give, so I can be satisfied.


BEH 24/7: Name your starting 5 of the Big East players you competed against.

Robert: I’d have to say Dikembe (Mutombo), Zo (Alonzo Mourning), (Terry) Dehere, Eric Murdock & (Lawrence) Moten. All guys I played with or against who just flat out got it done!


BEH 24/7: Do you keep in touch with any of the guys from your era?

Robert: Yes and no. A few of my teammates. Couple guys from other teams on occasion.


BEH 24/7: Who was the most influential person that got you where you are today?

Robert: My parents.



BEH 24/7: How did your recruitment breakdown?

Robert: I was blessed. My top 3 schools were Georgetown, Duke & Notre Dame.


BEH 24/7: Between playing basketball & coaching which do you feel you’ve had to work harder at?

Robert: I’ve had to work equally hard playing and coaching but obviously for different reasons. Not much physical hard work required for coaching. Mentally it’s tough dealing with parents, outside influences, and just the lack of good work ethic and commitment.


BEH 24/7: What was it like competing against Alonzo and Dikembe in practice on a daily basis?

Robert: Zo and Kembe were really fun and silly off the court. But when it was time to step on the court they were serious and competitive.  It was all business.


BEH 24/7: Do you have a good John Thompson story you can share?

Robert: Ha… a good story about Coach…that I can share…not sure that I do… but what I can say is that Coach is extremely funny. People outside never really saw that side. And he also would stop and talk/teach life lessons at the drop of a dime. He saw life lessons in everything.

You can follow Robert Churchwell on Twitter  @BCPHoops



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